Manage my membership

Extreme Wash Club $39.95 (now includes Ceramic Sealant)
Double Wash Club $29.95
Basic Wash Club $19.95

Need to make changes to your plan? Use the form below to change your plan, or give us a call at 855-GSN-WASH.

On the current Ceramic Sealant plan? Your plan will now be called the Extreme Wash plan and includes the same Ceramic Sealant and top level wash that you know and love. Your price stays the same at $39.95.

On the current Extreme Shine plan? Your plan will be upgraded to the Extreme Wash plan at $39.95 and will now include Ceramic Sealant. Ceramic Sealant extends the life of your wash by sealing in the clear coat, repelling water and protecting your vehicle’s finish from oxidation, UV damage, etching and staining. It provides outstanding drying quality and increases your vehicle’s paint gloss. If you’d like to change your plan to the Double Wash Club at $29.95 without carnauba wax and ceramic sealant, please use the form below.

On the double wash plan? Your plan is now $29.95.

On the basic wash plan? There are no changes to your plan.

How can I change my plan? You can use the form below to change your plan or call us at 855-GSN-WASH.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll see you at the wash!

Our sites run on license plate reader technology, and your license plate will be read automatically at the gate. If you have any trouble, please see a wash attendant to check your plate in the system.

Have a specialty or truck plate? Please see a wash attendant during your first visit to receive a RFID sticker.

We can check your plate in the system to ensure it’s entered correctly. Please either complete the form above, give us a call at 855-GSN-WASH, or see a wash attendant at your next visit. If you are still having trouble we can issue an RFID sticker.

Have a specialty or truck plate? Please see a wash attendant during your next visit to receive a RFID sticker.

Yes. Unlimited Wash Club memberships can be used at any of our locations. Check out the full list of locations here.

You will be auto billed every month on the date you purchased your club package.
EXAMPLE: A membership purchased on December 10 will be automatically billed on the 10th of each month to the credit card on file.

Yes. Visit any of our locations to transfer your membership to a new or different vehicle, or submit a request via the form above.

Yes. If there is a reason for which you are unable to use your membership for a month or longer, we can cancel the billing so that you are not being charged during that time. You will still have a membership, but it will not be active until you reinstate at the location where you purchased your membership.

You can cancel your membership via the form above, by calling 855-GSN-WASH, or by speaking with a wash attendant.

Your plan will continue to be active until your next billing date. You may continue to wash your car during this time.

No, you will not receive a refund. Your plan remains active until your next billing date.

Have a different question?
Check out our FAQ page, give us a call at 855-GSN-WASH or complete the form above to send us a message.